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Work on women’s behavior in many species of animals have attempted to confirm the basic idea of ​​Darwin female preference for males with certain characteristics as a major force in the evolution of species. [3] Women have often been shown to distinguish small differences between potential partners and prefer to mate with the holders of the more exaggerated individuals.peacock pictures [4] In some cases,peacock pictures men were found to be healthy and vigorous, suggesting that the patterns serve as markers that indicate the ability of humans to survive and, therefore, their genetic qualities.
The peacock is perhaps the best-known features that are believed to have arisen through sexual selection, although in recent years such as this theory has been the subject of some controversy. [5] It is known that males erect their trains to form a light fan on the screen for women.peacock pictures Peacocks Marion Petrie tested whether these screens identified genetic quality of a man through the study of a wild population of peacocks in Whipsnade Wildlife Park in the south of England. Showed that the number of eyespots trains predicts male mating success, and this success can be manipulated by cutting some eyespots tails males. [6] Women lose interest in tailored men and was attracted by the untrimmed. peacock pictures Further tests revealed that men with fewer eyespots, and therefore with lower mating success, were more likely to experience greater predation. [7] Even more interesting, allowing females to mate with males that have a variable number of ocelli and higher in the offspring of a community nursery to control for differences in maternal care.peacock pictures Chicks adorned generated by men outweigh men generated less ornate,peacock pictures attribute usually associated with a better survival rate of birds. When the girls were released and returned to the park a year later, ornate parents were found more likely to avoid predators and survive in the wild. [3] Therefore,peacock pictures the study showed correlations Petrie ornamental tail mating success and a better ability to survive in males and their offspring decorated.peacock pictures
In addition, peacocks and sexual characters are used in the discussion of the causes of sexual characteristics. Amotz Zahavi uses excessive tail feathers of male peacocks as proof of his “handicap principle”. [8] Since these trains are obviously detrimental to the survival of an individual (as bright feathers that are highly visible to predators and longer feathers that makes it more difficult to escape danger),peacock pictures Zahavi argued that only Installers men could survive the handicap of a big cock. Therefore, the tail of the peacock is an indicator light for females than males are ornamented very good to survive for other reasons, and are therefore preferred companions. This theory can be contrasted with the theory of Fisher that male sexual traits, such as the peacock train,peacock pictures are the result of the selection of attractive traits because these traits are considered attractive.
peacock pictures

Peacock Pictures


peacock pictures