planting pumpkins Pests
Squash bugs and cucumber beetles are common. Rent your county extension for controls.
Powdery mildew
Low light, lots of fertilizer, the weather at the time of flowering, and reduced activity of pollinating insects can reduce fruit.planting pumpkins
Cucumber beetles and squash bugs can invest pumpkins, especially in late summer.
Harvest / Storage
Your best bet is to collect pumpkins to mature. They keep better that way. No pick pumpkins from the vine,planting pumpkins because they have reached the desired size. If you want small pumpkins, buy a small variety.planting pumpkins
A pumpkin matures when your skin takes a deep solid color (orange for most varieties).
When the pumpkin inch, peel feels his hard and hollow. Press the cloves into the skin of the pumpkin, and if it resists puncture,planting pumpkins it is ripe.
To harvest pumpkin, cut the fruit of the vine carefully with a sharp knife or shears, or break. Make sure not to cut too close to the pumpkin, a generous amount of the stem (3-4 inches) increase the time pumpkin maintenance.
Handle with care or pumpkins can bruise.
Pumpkins must be cured in the sun for a week to harden the skin and then stored in a cool, dry basement or anywhere around 55 ° C.planting pumpkins
If you get a lot of vines and flowers, but no pumpkins, you need more bees in your garden to pollinate the flowers. Pushing colored beside his pumpkin patch this year and can get more bees and butterflies flowers!
Recommended varieties planting pumpkins
“Jack is little variety” of miniature pumpkin, perfect for a festive table. Vine variety. Days to maturity of 90-100 days.
planting pumpkins ‘Autumn Gold’ ideal for carving, decoration. WINNER SELECTION All-America. Grape. Excellent for the Jack-o-lanterns. Precocity are generally 100 to 120 days.
“Treat Sugar hybrid semi-bush. Ideal for cooking. Precocity are generally 100 to 120 days.
Variety jumbo Atlantic giant dill “can reach 200 pounds.planting pumpkins Ideal for those who want to grow a giant pumpkin. Vine will be extended to 25 meters, so space is a necessity. 130-160 days to maturity are the early factory! Thin at best one or two floors.planting pumpkins Hard feed, but keep in culture. Remove first two or three female flowers after blooming plants begin to grow larger plants with more leaf surface before the fruit. Allow fruit to develop and kill all the female flowers that develop after the fruit is set on the ground. Make sure that no root of the vine down near the joints to prevent breakage.
planting pumpkins