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celebrities with depression All times are depressed. Maybe it’s because you do not like your job or because you’re in a fight with someone you love. But there is always a reason. Feelings do not just come upon us like waves, are actually rooted in our thoughts and events in our lives. So we can not expect just change emotions and feel better.celebrities with depression We must address the root problem. Here are my steps to remove depression:

1. Identify the cause.
celebrities with depression
The first question to ask is:celebrities with depression Is the medical / physiological depression? By this I mean that you have made changes when he started his depression? Changes in diet? Dream? Drugs? All medical problems that could make your mood?

Second question: What has changed when I started to feel depressed? I break up with my partner? You start having money problems? Stop getting together with my friends?

Third and last question: What thoughts cause my depression? What have I been thinking recently (specifically, how depressing thoughts, I thought my life)?
celebrities with depression
Once you have identified the cause of your depression (and there is always a cause), you can begin repairing. I’m not saying that depression is always a bad thing. It is simply energy that tells you that something in your life is not fair. It is important to listen to this energy and use it to motivate you to make changes.celebrities with depression

Two. Making changes in your life

So, for starters, have you identified if your depression is medical / physiological, due to a change of life, or because of negative thought patterns? celebrities with depression (See Erasing Depression: Step 1)

If you think your depression is caused by medical / physiological reasons, then look at what changes every day that you can do to improve your health. Change daily IMMEDIATE manageable. Example:celebrities with depression start drinking a glass of water upon waking and before sleeping and start stretching for five minutes a day to stop eating all the junk food and lose 50 pounds.celebrities with depression It is good to have long-term goals, but are the daily changes that will make the difference. [I mention diet and exercise here as it can have a huge impact on our mental state. You can also go to the doctor for an examination.]celebrities with depression

If life has identified stress as the cause celebrities with depression of their depressed mood, what changes could be made to put this stressor in the past? By writing the steps to follow and attack them, spend your energy in the depressed action. So go ahead and quit your job, start a new hobby, take pictures of your ex, celebrities with depression or move forward on your wish list. All these things will bring new energy to your life.

Finally, if your thoughts are the cause of depressed mood, you must first learn more about them (ie, writing). By understanding what the thoughts are, you’ll be able to change them. In addition, you can challenge the mind. celebrities with depression For example, “I’m a failure” may be “So, I have not managed to make my dream, so what? Think I can laugh and move on, or I can try again. “

Remember, it is normal to suffer and feel depressed, but we have to use these feelings as information only and use the energy to make changes in our lives starting today!
celebrities with depression

Celebrities With Depression

Celebrities With Depression