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british garden birds Even bird lovers can have a love-hate relationship with the most ardent sparrow. Despite being of which are also known for the destruction of cultures and some people very social birds consider them pests.british garden birds

Sparrows are native to Europe and Asia, but have colonized the world and the United States English Sparrows called to distinguish them from native species. They are now the most common bird in the world and in 2008,british garden birds Big Garden Bird Watch RSPB British garden bird were counted most.

In the 18th century, many parishes in Britain had sparrow “clubs” created to destroy as many sparrows because the crops failed. Maintenance of benefits until the 19th century, when he realized that the sacrifice was not working.british garden birds

Unfortunately sparrows are now struggling to survive with many other common British birds have decreased in number,british garden birds who have not been placed on the Red List of Threatened Species IUCN. It is believed that the lack of nesting sites and good nutrition contributes to the decline.

In the 1950s, the United Kingdom sparrow population is estimated at 9.5 million, which increased to 12 million in 1970. The numbers began to decline in 1990 and the population is estimated to be approximately 6 million today.british garden birds

The male sparrow has a gray crown and nape, with dark on the sides of the head and a distinctive black bib brown edges. Over the bib of the male, the better to attract a mate. Upper plumage is mottled brown, gray and fans.british garden birds

Sparrows are much duller females with tan top and striped cream above the eye.

Sparrows are seen mainly in urban areas and farms neighboring cultures. A flock of sparrows often drew attention to them in their,british garden birds the behavior of noisy quarrels, especially when fighting for food. They are more common in the south and east of the British Isles.

Sparrows nest from April to August, and prefer to nest in colonies of 10-20 pairs. They like to nest in holes and under the tiles or if there is a shortage of holes and then they build a nest in a hedge. They lay up to six eggs incubate for about 12 days. Sparrows can go up to 3 or 4 children during a breeding season.british garden birds

Sparrows naturally british garden birds feed on insects during the summer and winter cereals, although they eat most types of food provided by humans, such as bread, grated cheese, fat and mixtures specially formulated seed.

To help reverse the decline of sparrows sparrow could provide floors – nesting boxes that allow them to breed in colonies.british garden birds