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cottage garden design Some people love the outdoors so much that he can not resist that inside. The cottage garden style interior decoration was done to these people outside.

Like any decor cottage garden itself roots style in a look that is well worn, a touch faded, perhaps, and certainly well aged or vintage.cottage garden design Antique, distressed or weathered are the finishes and surfaces used in this section. If you are forced to buy something new to decorate in this style, do your best to make it look used. For example, washing in a solution of weak tea and age of new leaves.cottage garden design Other methods of relief furniture can be easily found by some quick research online.cottage garden design

A large window or sliding door game will be a great help in establishing the garden decoration for a room. It is important not to harm one of these architectural features with excessive window treatments. Use curtains or blinds simple smooth roller, if necessary privacy, but keep treatments for transparent or translucent curtains.cottage garden design You do not just want to make it as clear as possible, you want to enjoy the outdoor scenes as a kind of living room art style Garden.

The color palette for the cottage garden natural decoration based on exterior colors, but they are not deep greens and browns of the forest, as in the rustic cottage style. garden style colors are lighter,cottage garden design more representative of what is seen in a home garden: sage green, terracotta, old gold, brown earth. White is the priority for each of them, or it could be used on walls as a neutral background.cottage garden design

However, all white walls can be harsh and glaring, against soft relaxing atmosphere of the Garden Cottage style should have. If you use white on the walls, ask the paint store to mix in a touch of a pastel shade of one of the other colors after reaching the limit. Or you can choose a white or ivory cream to warm the walls.

If the color of the room is not on the walls, so make sure you are in fabrics and accessories. The objective is the kind of bright atmosphere, gay found in a summer garden in full swing. Hang many botanical prints on the walls – cottage garden design flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, etc., or frame some pictures of your own garden.

As with other styles Cottage, are preferred wood flooring or tile, decorated with floral carpets or coverings of natural fibers such as bamboo mat slightly brightly colored cotton.cottage garden design

Natural materials are also the best choice for decorating furniture cottage garden. Choose wicker, rattan or bamboo for the best effect.cottage garden design No need to match the furniture, but if you prefer, you can paint it all white and retrieve matching fabrics.

With cottage garden design the basics of care, try to add a personal touch in the accessories. A terracotta pot with a thick piece of tempered glass to make a coffee table, or use a bank painted a picnic table. To many plants and flowers throughout the room, and use baskets and buckets to catch the mess and keep the single room.cottage garden design